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Our Mission

Making learning more affordable for students and teaching more rewarding for tutors.

Our Vision

Creating a professional tutors directory that makes affordable and rewarding tutoring accessible across the UK.

Highly selective
All our tutors undergo a careful screening process to make sure that only tutors with professional experience are selected. Unlike some operators that have open registration and allow everyone with or without experience and qualification to register and become a tutor with them, we take this matter seriously and only accept high quality candidates. Each candidate is assessed individually based on their experience, qualification, degree, grade, references, personal statement and career portfolio, and only those who we feel have the ability to offer the highest quality tutoring will be chosen. This approach gives students and parents a great degree of certainty and helps them to save time and find a better tutor by investigating amongst several experienced tutors rather than searching confusedly among hundreds of individuals who may not even have a basic knowledge of tutoring.

It is logical to see that experienced and fully committed tutors prefer to be part of a professional team which gives them respect and recognition. Many tutors take pride in becoming a member of a professional team that requires certain level of expertise to join. Equally important, being part of a professional team gives confidence to potential students and parents and hence increases teaching opportunities for tutors.

Free service; no fee or commission
Tutor Choice is absolutely free for tutors and students to register, search and arrange for teaching or learning. There is no charge, fee or commission for using our service. This makes learning more affordable for students and also makes teaching more rewarding for tutors.

Simplicity, user-friendly and comprehensiveness
Tutor Choice is a well-designed website which actively considers the convenience and simplicity of its service. All the effort has been made to make sure that users can find the desired information at a glance with just one or two clicks. Tutor Choice understands that your main purpose of visiting our website is to find an opportunity for learning or teaching, therefore we have tried to avoid unnecessary and lengthy information. While briefness and ease of use has been very appreciated, capability and functionality of our service has not been compromised. If the function and information is necessary and useful for users, it is all included.

Tutor Choice recognises that other aspects of our service such as the way it operates, selection procedure and any possible chargeable fee is very important for users. We are honest with our users, offer them the information conveniently and visibly and never use unfriendly tactics to attract them.

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