Registration Guideline

Registering as a Tutor

Tutor Choice invites all experienced tutors to join its professional team. The online service provided by Tutor Choice is highly selective and free of charge and commission for both tutors and students to arrange for teaching and learning. This makes Tutor Choice an attractive platform for connecting professional tutors to potential students.

At Tutor Choice quality is the main goal, thus it is aimed to rigorously select and collect only experienced and/or qualified tutors, rather than allowing open registration which possibly leads to collection of self-approval tutors who may not even have sufficient and appropriate knowledge and experience of tutoring.

According to our initial analysis, about half of applicants meet the necessary criteria to successfully register as a tutor at Tutor Choice. While professional experience is the base of our selection, exception may apply to those with profound knowledge through holding multiple degrees or qualifications. Each application is assessed individually based on the experience, qualification, degree, grade, references, personal statement and career portfolio, and only those who we feel have the ability to offer the highest quality tutoring will be chosen.

To add more recognition and prospect to your application, we strongly recommend to complete your personal statement and career portfolio carefully, write more about your experience and knowledge and describe your teaching techniques. Your personal statement should be original, not only in terms of using your own words and avoiding typical phrases, but also to make sure that it reflects your personality and aims. Another interesting outcome of our initial analysids indicates that profile of a tutor with photo is 8 times more likely to be viewed by potential students, therefore if you're serious about your tutoring job, it is strongly advised to attach your photo to your profile.

Once the initial registration has been completed, candidates will receive an email from us confirming receipt of the application. The applications will be processed shortly after the submission and candidates will be informed about the outcome within 72 hours, excluding weekends. If the application is successful, tutor's profile will be approved and displayed. In addition, each successful candidate will be allocated an internal rating score. The rating score is based on the experience, qualification, degree, personal statement and career portfolio.

For the unsuccessful applications, unfortunately we won't be able to provide comments or feedbacks, as we only accept one in five candidates among hundreds per week, and our human resource is limited.

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