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If Tutor Choice is completely free, how it generates income?

Tutor Choice has been established with solid investment support which enables it to operate without relying on any income. Our aim is to create a Tutor directory that makes tutoring more rewarding for tutors and more affordable for students.

Do you keep my personal information confidential?

Yes, of course, we do. As clearly stated in our privacy policy " Tutor Choice does not share or sell any of your personal information to third parties, unless we have your permission or required by law". At any stage, you may cancel your account and delete all your information by visiting your profile.

How do you choose your tutors?

Professional experience is the essential part of the selection process. Candidates without solid experience are rejected at the early stage. In some circumstances, a candidate with profound knowledge of the subject gets through. Following initial screening, successful candidates are assessed according to their qualifications, degrees, references, personal statements and career portfolios, and those that we feel have the ability to offer the highest quality of tutoring will be chosen.

What does it mean if my application is rejected, can I re-apply?

It means that your application did not have sufficient credits to meet our criteria. You may be a good tutor and many verify your skills, however at this stage and according to our criteria and perception, your application has not demonstrated the highest standard we require.If your application has been rejected despite having solid professional experience, this might be because of your unsatisfactory personal statement or career portfolio. If you feel that this is the case, you may spend some time in improving your personal statement or career portfolio. An impressive personal statement or career portfolio could lead to your successful application.

How can I update or edit my details and profile?

Log in to your account and go to your profile, then simply edit or update some of your data. However, if you wish to edit or update your photo, ID, degree/qualification, DBS/CRB and references you should email us with a copy of the relevant document. If you are unavailable for certain extended period of time or you decided not to use your account, you may wish to deactivate it.

Is it necessary to attach my photo to my profile?

It is not mandatory to attach your photo to your profile, however based on our experimental study, the tutors' profile containing their photos are 8 times more likely to be viewed by potential students, therefore if you're serious about your tutoring job, it is strongly advised to attach your photo to your profile.

Who can see my personal data in my profile?

Your personal data including your address, date of birth, phone number, email and the image of your uploaded documents are only available to our admin team.

How does Tutor Choice ensure my personal documents are protected?

We encrypt all the personal documents and create it entirely confidential while they are stored on our server. In this way, the only persons who can recover the data are our admin team members who have access to the data recovery private key.

Are the tutors employed by Tutor Choice?

No, the tutors are not an employee of Tutor Choice, they use our free platform to search and find private tutoring opportunities. Some of the tutors who are registered on our site may work for other organizations simultaneously.

How do I get paid for my lessons?

The tutoring fee is a subject entirely between tutors and students or parents. Tutor Choice is not involved in the tuition fee matter in any form or by any means. Tutors should discuss and arrange their fees directly with students or their parents.

Is a DBS/CRB compulsory?

A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly known as CRB) check for self-employed tutors are not compulsory, however it is a serious criminal offence to seek to work with children after having been barred from doing so. An Enhanced DBS/CRB is especially advisable for those tutors whose role includes working with students under 18 years old or vulnerable adults.

How can I obtain a DBS/CRB?

Currently, a Standard or Enhanced CRB/DBS Check is only obtainable if you are employed by an organization and working with children or vulnerable adults. If you are exclusively self-employed, you may only obtain a basic DBS check which is not as comprehensive as the Standard or Enhanced DBS checks. A Basic Disclosure check is a criminal record check that only reveals unspent convictions and can be obtained for anyone for any reason. If you search online you find some organizations that may be able to help you to obtain a Standard or Enhanced CRB/DBS Check.

How can I leave feedback for students?

Unfortunately, you can't leave review for students directly. Our service is entirely free and no fee or transaction is processed through us, therefore we can't verify firmly if a private tuition actually has taken place. As we are unable to confirm authenticity of the reviews, we won't be able to publish them on our site. If you wish to share your tutoring experience or concern with us, please email or contact us directly.

My university, college or school is not in the list offered on your website, how can I add them to my profile?

If you are graduated from United Kingdom and your university, college, school or institute is not in the list offered on our website, you need to change the name of the country to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland instead of United Kingdom. This will allow you to type the name of your university, college, school or institute.

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