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How do you run Tutor Choice if your service is completely free?

This is the most frequent question we are asked, therefore we try to clarify it here for our users. Our platform (Tutor Choice), our resources (tutors) and our reputation enable us to sign major contracts with international schools and institutes in order to provide them with online tutors in English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Science and Biology. If you are one of our online tutors and your tutoring field, experience, fee and schedule meet our requirements we may contact you and offer the online tutoring course to you for a fixed period of time. If you accept the offer then you agree to carry out the tuition and receive your payment according to the contract. .

Do you keep my personal information confidential?

Yes, of course, we do. As clearly stated in our privacy policy " Tutor Choice does not share or sell any of your personal information to third parties, unless we have your permission or required by law". At any stage, you may cancel your account and delete all your information by visiting your profile.

How do you choose your tutors?

Proven professional experience is the essential requirement for all our tutors. Occasionally, candidates with profound knowledge of certain subjects but less experienced may be given the opportunity to register with us and try their abilities to impart their valuable knowledge or skills to students.

How can I update or edit my details and profile?

Log in to your account and go to your profile. There you can simply edit or update your data. If you have decided not to use your account you may deactivate your account.

How qualified does a tutor need to be?

There's no prerequisite qualifications for tutors in the UK, however generally academic tutors need to be educated to at least a degree level and non-academic tutors should hold a professional qualification from relevant organizations. Some students find reassurance in hiring tutors who are highly qualified, whereas others believe that proven professional experience is more important. Many private tutors have teaching or coaching qualification as a result of working for schools, universities, institutes, clubs or organizations, although it is not requisite to hold such qualifications to work as a private tutor.

How will I be assured of the qualification and documents of the tutor?

Tutors' documents are checked once they registered and uploaded them on our website. We take extra care to ensure they are authentic, however there is no one hundred percent guarantee. It is recommended that you ask the tutors to present their certificates and credentials at first session.

How much do private tutors charge?

The cost of private tutoring varies according to the tutor's degree, qualification, length of experience and the geographic area. As a result, tutor's charge could be as low as £12 and as high as £100 per an hour.

How will tutors contact me?

If you have already sent a massage to a tutor, it normally shouldn't take longer than 24-48 hours to get a notification through your email which indicates you have a response from the tutor in your Tutor Choice account. Log in to your account and read the tutor's message. If the tutor's response is positive you may wish to continue communicating through your account or sometimes for the convenience or speed of communication you prefer to request tutor's phone number or leave your contact number for the tutor.

Are the tutors employed by Tutor Choice?

No, the tutors are not an employee of Tutor Choice, they use our free platform to search and find private tutoring opportunities. Some of the tutors who are registered on our website may work for other organisations simultaneously. If a tutor find a student via our website and offers tutoring, it is wholly the matter between them. If a tutor is offered tutoring job by us for designated schools and institutes they receive their payments according to agreed contract.  

Is a CRB/DBS compulsory for tutors?

A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly known as CRB) check for tutors is not compulsory, however it is a serious criminal offence to seek to work with children after having been barred from doing so. An Enhanced DBS/CRB is especially advisable for those tutors whose role includes working with students under 18 years old or vulnerable adults.

Are all private tutors on Tutor Choice DBS (CRB) checked?

Tutors who are employed by an organization and at the same time work as a self-employed private tutor usually hold an Enhanced DBS/CRB checks, however according to current regulation, obtaining an Enhanced DBS/CRB check for tutors who are exclusively self-employed is not easy. For the time being, An Enhanced CRB/DBS Check is only obtainable if a tutor is employed by an organization. Exclusive private tutors may only apply and obtain a basic DBS/CRB check, however this certificate only contains details of unspent convictions and is not as comprehensive as the Enhanced DBS/CRB check. An enhanced DBS/CRB check shows details of spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands, final warnings and any additional relevant information held by local police.

How do I pay for my lessons?

The tutoring fee is a subject entirely between tutors and students or parents. Tutor Choice is not involved in the tuition fee matter in any form or by any means. Students or parents should discuss and arrange the tuition payment directly with tutors.

How can I leave feedback for the tutor ?

Unfortunately, you can't leave review for tutors directly. Our service is entirely free and no fee or transaction is processed through us, therefore we can't verify firmly if a private tuition actually has taken place. As we are unable to confirm authenticity of the reviews, we won't be able to publish them on our site. If you wish to share your experience or concern with us, please email or contact us directly.

How do you monitor your tutor's performance?

For monitoring our tutors, we rely on students' or parents' opinions. Though it is not possible to directly leave feedback to tutors, you may still email or contact us and share your views. We appreciate your honest feedbacks and use them to higher or lower tutors' rating score. Tutors with repeated unsatisfactory reviews will be removed from our website. In order to verify the authenticity of reviews, we may request certain information from students and tutors.

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