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What actually is Tutor Choice?

Tutor Choice is a free professional platform where tutors and learners get connected and arrange for learning and teaching opportunities. It's basically a place for professional tutors to advertise their expertise, and for potential students to find tutor. Instructors, tutors, teachers and trainers can easily use Tutor Choice online service to create public profiles in order to offer their teaching skills. Similarly, students, tutees and parents can swiftly create an account to describe their learning needs and find a tutor. Creating account, searching, communicating and arranging for online or home tuition is absolutely free for tutors and students, without any hidden charge or commission. Tutor Choice screens all prospective private tutors carefully and choose only those with solid experience. Tutor Choice website is user- friendly and simple, yet comprehensive in content making it an ideal place for those looking for an experienced home tutor or online tuition. It covers all over the UK and offers over 200 different learning subjects including academic, language, music, art, health and lifestyle. The combination of free service, experienced tutors, easy access and comprehensive content make Tutor Choice an attractive and promising platform for private tutors and eager learners. Ultimately, if you are a commuting or local tutor, or purely a home tutor with professional experience looking for more online or home tuition opportunities, Tutor Choice welcomes you to join its tutor network.

How is tutor choice different from other tutoring websites?

We have 100's of professional tutors here at Tutor Choice

Careful tutor selection

Careful Tutor Selection

All our tutors undergo a careful screening process before being advertised on our website. Each tutor is assessed individually and only those who we feel have the ability to offer high quality of tuition will be chosen. This approach gives students and parents a great degree of certainty and helps them to save time and find a better tutor. Likewise, experienced and fully committed tutors prefer to be part of a professional team which gives them respect and recognition. Being part of a professional team offers confidence to the potential students and hence increases tuition opportunities for the tutors.

Direct contact between tutors and students

Direct Contact

At Tutor choice the contact between the learners and the tutors is direct. This offers a great opportunity for both sides to freely discuss their expectations, suitability, affordability, concerns, timing, rescheduling and all other relevant matters that usually requires arrangement and confirmation with the middleman, the tutoring agencies. The direct approach enables the students and parents to actively assess and choose a tutor from many professional tutors and not be limited to those available on the agencies' book. In addition, there is a significant saving in cost to the learners and a greater financial reward and satisfaction to the tutors.

Free service for tutors and students

Free Service

Tutor Choice is absolutely free for tutors and students to register, search and arrange for learning and tutoring opportunities. There is no charge, fee or commission for using our service. This advantage makes the tuition more affordable for students by avoiding the extra charges that agencies often impose on top of the tutor's fee, and also more cost-effective by saving the fee that other agencies charge to allow the students access the tutor's contact details. Similarly, the free services make tutoring more rewarding for tutors by saving the commission that often agencies demand from the tutor's earning.


Rewarding & affordable private tutoring

  • Selection of highly experienced private tutors.
  • Easy to search and find a local tutor.
  • No fee or commission to arrange for home tutor or online tuition.
  • Full & free communication access to desired student or private tutor from the very first match.
  • A promising website to spot a good local math tutor.

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      What our users say

      We have has an amazing experience with the tutor recommended by Tutor Choice. Very professional tutor and trustworthy site. I am very happy with this experience. I enjoy every single task I do, and it feels very comfortable working with the tutor.

      - Charles Huff -

      Excellent Services from Tutor Choice. I would recommend this company to everyone. It is such an easy way to find a trusted and professional tutor.

      - Isaac Bonds -

      An excellent method of teaching. My daughter gained a lot from her tutor, she is now more confident, and happy than before. I definitely recommend Tutor Choice others who are looking for a tutor. So far the best tutoring in town. Thank you for supporting my daughter.

      - John Dennis -

      I found the site very easy to use. The tutor that has been found via the website has also been very good, professional and I feel that he will be very helpful in helping me achieve what I want.

      - Alfie Wilkinson -

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